about Grahm

First off, thanks for visiting our blog.  My name is Grahm Selm, and I am one of the writers for Grindstone Sabbatical.  This blog is very important to me because the outdoors is a huge part of my life.  My family and faith are the most important, but I still focus much of my time on things like tenkara, fly fishing, hiking, camping, paddling, and much more.  I work in public service that involves the outdoors in the Midwest.  Fly fishing, including tenkara, is what saturates a lot of my thoughts and time.  Self teaching and learning on my own is mostly how I have developed into the fisherman that I am today.  Reading blogs, watching videos, and practicing is how I have developed many of my skills.  I have taken a few casting and tying lessons from a good friend that has probably forgot more about fly fishing than I will ever know.  I intend to broaden my horizons by starting some new ventures like climbing and backpacking.  My goal for Grindstone Sabbatical is to be a place where readers can gain education and entertainment from our blog.  I hope you enjoy.

Thanks again,



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