Mad River Outfitters: learn to fly fish

It’s never too soon to start learning about a topic that intrigues you. So many people find out that I fly fish and tell me they have always wanted to learn. I typically just tell them to do it. I often offer to take them fishing sometime and also point them in the direction of resources online. YouTube has been a great resource for me as I have made this journey to learn casting, tying, and many other tips/tactics. Fortunately, Mad River Outfitters, an excellent fly shop out of Columbus, Ohio, has a great YouTube channel that will help you get started.

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Weekly Read


This particular blog post is part of a two part series from Wildroots Outdoors.  Both are definitely worth reading, but I chose this one because it hit home.  It goes over the reasons why you should stop making excuses about camping with children and “Just Go!”

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Weekly Read

cleanest line public lands.png

Whether you are a weekend warrior, diehard outdoor enthusiast, or working in the outdoor industry, we have a responsibility that is more important now more than ever.  As Americans, we have millions of acres of public land at our disposal.  Whether you are just passing through to enjoy the views or recreating on our public lands, we should not take anything for granted.  Many of public lands are at risk, and they needs us in a great way.  No matter where you look, there are articles in magazines, newspapers, and blogs that highlight this tremendously controversial topic.  Of everything that I have read, The Cleanest Line has provided the most informative and clear depiction of the issue at hand.  Check out Hans Cole’s article on The Cleanest Line here.  

Fly Shop Strong by ECHO Fly Fishing

Not a lot needs to be said. Check out this video created by Echo Fly Fishing; it explains everything clearly. Small local shops are the life blood of the sport.  There is so much you can gain from local shops, and we need to support them as much as possible.  Online sales are so convenient, but there is so much you loose from buying online.  A lot can be gained just by stepping into a fly shop.  Consider your options next time you need a new rod, reel, or fly tying materials.

Weekly Reads

As you know, reading blogs and journals online is a large part of the reason that we started this blog.  Both have brought me great enjoyment and provided a unique source of useful information found nowhere else.  I plan to share with you, on a weekly basis, some of the blogs that I enjoy or think will be useful reads.  For my first one, it comes from The Fiberglass Manifesto.  This is one of my favorite blogs that I routinely follow.  This particular post covers something that I think we all could do more often.  Check it out here to see what Cameron has to share.  We all might not have this particular reel, but it will help us all to watch the attached video.  Enjoy!


Snorkeling for Dinosaurs

The State of Indiana has a list of endangered species found throughout the state.  Looking through the list, I found one animal that I find very intriguing.  Franklin County, IN is the home to an endangered species known as the Eastern Hellbender.  The hellbender is a prehistoric looking giant salamander, reaching lengths of 29 inches, that lives in streams that have good water quality.  This particular animal caught my attention because of the video below.  I watched the video about a year ago and remember thinking how unique the hellbender is.  This has been something that has been at the back of my mind for while now, and I plan to find out if there are any hellbenders left close to home.  Check it out!

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Unbroken Ground

Sustainability is a hot topic these days.  Going right along with the outdoor industry, this controversial topic is one that companies like Patagonia have been researching, practicing, and pushing for some time now.  Why, you may ask?  We have so many industries that deplete resources; poison the land, water, and air around us; and don’t give back at all.  If we keep doing this as a society and support companies that do not care about the effects of their business, then we are ruining the only home we have.  Going down that treacherous road will only destroy the things we love.

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Kickstarter: Smithfly Big Scioto Dry Pack
Go check out the latest Kickstarter from Smithfly.  This awesome company, out of the Midwest (Ohio), has created another great product that you will soon see on rivers everywhere.  Smithfly’s products are some of the most dynamic and versatile products on the market. Not only is the performance superb, but they bring the looks as well. Click on the link above for the Kickstarter video and support Smithfly.


Gink and Gasoline helps out the beginner and beyond.

Gink and Gasoline puts out some great articles on their blog.  I have found some very informative and super entertaining articles geared towards experienced and novice anglers.  Their most recent article titled G&G’S BEGINNER SERIES: TAKING THE PLUNGE, is the perfect article with resources and links to other articles that will help you find your way if you are just getting started.  It won’t make you the next Lefty, but you sure will have the resources to learn an awful lot.  (If you don’t know who Lefty is, you will someday.)


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