Weekly Read


This particular blog post is part of a two part series from Wildroots Outdoors.  Both are definitely worth reading, but I chose this one because it hit home.  It goes over the reasons why you should stop making excuses about camping with children and “Just Go!”

We recently took our toddler, not quite two years old, on his first camping trip, and it went better than expected.  However, we didn’t go on a backpacking trip or camp in the desert.  We camped at a campground right off the Cumberland River and Hatchery Creek in Jamestown, KY.  It was an awesome experience for all involved.  This was kind of a test run for camping with our adventurous little guy.  There will be many more trips to come.

Check out Wildroots Outdoors to read more about their adventures.  Maybe between the two of us, you can find the motivation to get outside and enjoy a camping trip with or without kids.


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