Snorkeling for Dinosaurs

The State of Indiana has a list of endangered species found throughout the state.  Looking through the list, I found one animal that I find very intriguing.  Franklin County, IN is the home to an endangered species known as the Eastern Hellbender.  The hellbender is a prehistoric looking giant salamander, reaching lengths of 29 inches, that lives in streams that have good water quality.  This particular animal caught my attention because of the video below.  I watched the video about a year ago and remember thinking how unique the hellbender is.  This has been something that has been at the back of my mind for while now, and I plan to find out if there are any hellbenders left close to home.  Check it out!

For a while now, I have been wanting to start snorkeling some of my local waterways.  One in particular is the tailwater below Brookville Reservoir in Franklin County, IN.  This is home to the only local trout around.  Being new to fly fishing for trout, I have been a sponge, soaking up as much information about the beautiful fish that we have.  What better way to learn about their habits than to watch them first hand.

I now have another reason the snorkel these beautiful clean waters.  I plan to look for hellbenders and learn as much about the fish in the stream as possible.  Stay tuned.  Hopefully you will be watching an underwater video of an Indiana hellbender here soon.

see you outside,





2 thoughts on “Snorkeling for Dinosaurs

  1. Awesome video! I actually never saw this animal before.
    I often feel the same way, once people get to oceans they start snorkeling all day but the river right next to your home? Not so much. There is so much discover! Just the staff you see when the water is clear enough is often breathtaking. As soon as the weather starts to get warmer, I will do the same, start snorkeling my local waters. Have to get a wet-suit though since I doubt that I can stay longer than 5 mins in the water without one…
    If you go for a snorkel I would love to see some pictures or even videos from what you encounter down there!


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