Gink and Gasoline helps out the beginner and beyond.

Gink and Gasoline puts out some great articles on their blog.  I have found some very informative and super entertaining articles geared towards experienced and novice anglers.  Their most recent article titled G&G’S BEGINNER SERIES: TAKING THE PLUNGE, is the perfect article with resources and links to other articles that will help you find your way if you are just getting started.  It won’t make you the next Lefty, but you sure will have the resources to learn an awful lot.  (If you don’t know who Lefty is, you will someday.)


Along with learning the basics, another recent article explains what you need to know about entomology.  Fly selection can be an intimidating part of fly fishing.  There are so many options and variations to choose from.  Once you choose a fly, then you have the decision to make of what color and size.  Check out GETTING YOUR BUGS IN ORDER to help figure out what fly you will fish next.


Today, there are a million different sites and blogs that you can learn about anything.  With a little bit of drive and great blogs like Gink and Gasoline, a person can become a successful fly angler.  Enjoy and tight lines.



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