Fishing with the family.


Local tailwaters.

Over the weekend, we made our maiden voyage to the local trout waters with the little one.  During the 25 Days of Christmas, I wrote about and showed a picture of myself with our new Deuter kid carrier with our infant son.  This would be our first outdoor outing with it.  Also, if you read my first post in 2016, I covered many of my goals for the year. This past weekend, I was able to get a start on a few of those.    

On our family outing, I had a goal or a purpose if you will. I didn’t care so much about myself getting a line wet. All I really wanted to do was get my family on the water.  This would be the first time that my wife and I got a chance to take our little one on a fishing adventure. Although he spent the majority of the time sleeping, I chalked it up to an absolute success.  With the beautiful weather and the sound of the stream trickling by, its no wonder he slept the whole time.  I am pretty positive that if I could find someone big enough to carry me on the water while they fish, I would most likely sleep too.

Trickle of the water is enough to put anyone to sleep.


Not only did my wife and son get out on the water, my dad and his wife were able to go fishing with us as well.  This was awesome to have them join us because we were all able to fly fish together is some form or fashion.  A 5 wt, 4 wt, and 3 tenkara rods were bouncing from person to person throughout the afternoon.  This allowed everyone to get some casting time in and allowed me to teach some of my loved ones something that I love to do.   

 If you are a fly angler, you will agree that you can’t always measure succes by the amount of fish you catch.  There are many days that I have gone home without a single fish.  The experience overall is what measures the success of the day. This day will be one that I will always remember. The only fish caught that day belonged to my stepmom. It was an average size brown trout found in this particular tailwater. Everyone was super excited to see the fish.  As everyone gathered around the net, we all admired the beautiful colors of the fish.  This also gave me the opportunity to teach them the importance of keeping the fish in the water. This was an awesome “Keep Em Wet” opportunity.  Hearing her scream and watching her as she hooked up to her first trout was an awesome experience.  It reminded me of my wife’s first trout on our trip to the smokies.  That is something that I will never forget.  As I helped her net the fish, I thought to myself that moments like these are so much more enjoyable for me than catching fish myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to fish and love catching fish; but it is so much better the share experiences like this with people you care about.

First trout landed.


Keep Em Wet

Everyone had an incredible time. It was a one fish day, but I can say that it was an absolute successful day on the water.  This day has opened up the doors for many more to come.  A few days later, my wife and I went out again, and our son stayed awake.  He was completely intrigued by the water moving below us and all the different things to look out. 

  I can’t wait till our next outing.  Outings like these are very important to me, and I believe that they are extremely important for our children.  Get outside with your family  or friends and create your own adventure.


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