Gear Review: Costa Del Mar Double Hals

Every child, boy or girl, dreams of having a super power or performing magic.  Even as adults, we sometimes stretch the imagination a bit. I am going to tell you about a piece of gear that in my opinion gives you a super power that has helped my fishing game tremendously.

Since my high school days when I found out about polarized sunglasses, they have been a crucial piece of gear that I always have when heading to the water. I started out by buying the ten dollar special from the sporting good section of walmart. This was awesome because the glare on the water was cut in half. Later into college, I skipped buying a 30 pack of Busch light (huge sacrifice I know) and bought a thirty dollar pair of polarized glasses from Sportsman’s Warehouse. These were even better. I could now see the shadows of fish on occassion, and the glare on the water was even less than what my walmart specials gave me.


After college I bought my first pair of Costa Del Mars. I was reluctant at first because they were a bit salty for a guy fresh out of college and in debt up to his eyeballs, but I scraped up the money. This was one of the best purchases of fly fishing gear that I have made. Costa Del Mar sunglasses are an absolute game changer.

Back to the super power business. I have a pair of Double Hauls for Costa Del Mar, and they give you powers like nothing I have ever seen before. They are like putting on glasses that give you x-ray vision on the water and hi-def off the water.

The pair that I have are the Double Haul 580 green glass. The glass lenses are super durable and very difficult to scratch. I wear them everyday and put them through the ringer. Off the water, the glasses give you an sense of hi-def. Colors are brilliant and any brightness managable. On the water, glare is gone. Instead of just seeing shadows like I used to with the Sportsman’s Warehouse glasses, I now can count the spots on a brown trout or see a carp suck up a fly off the bottom of a mud flat.

I highly recommend you check any of the Costa Del Mar lineup. There are a ton of styles and colors to choose from.

Costa Del Mar

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