Goals for 2016

The mountains are calling.

2015 has passed, and we have ventured into 2016. 2015 was the year that we created this blog. It has been a trying year, learning all we can about creating the blog. We still have plenty of room to grow. We still have big ideas of what we would like the blog to become. For so many people, the beginning of each year brings new year resolutions; we all know that resolutions usually go by the wayside really quick. Instead of making resolutions, we want to set goals. Setting personal goals and goals for Grindstone Sabbatical has been exciting. There is so much out there. Goals can be as small or large as you want them to be. Dream big, but don’t forget the little things.

Find some water to wade.
Walk through the woods.
Explore to find unique things,

For me, Grahm, I am at an exciting time in my life. Exciting but challenging, I most importantly want to include my wife and son into my goals and adventures.  We had a great year in 2015 and want to just build upon it in 2016.  Just to touch on my personal goals: I want to spend more time outside with my family; I want to teach my father to fly fish; I want to live a life worth writing about; and I want to travel to new destinations.  These are just a few examples of personal goals that I have for 2016.  I have many more goals and big ideas; maybe I will write a post about the rest another day.

As you can tell, I think being goal oriented is extremely important.  My personal goals above where really broad, but they sum up a lot of smaller goals that I have.  Not only do I have personal goals, I also have goals for Grindstone Sabbatical.  Like I have previously stated in another post, Grindstone Sabbatical is very important to us.  It has been an excellent time starting this blog, and we are both super stoked for the future.  Now onto our goals:

In the conceptual stages of creating Grindstone Sabbatical, Phil and I brainstormed and dreamed about what we wanted to create.  This is a growing dream, and we are both always running ideas by each other.  One of the first goals that we are excited to venture into is conducting industry interviews.  This is not something that is mind blowingly new, but we want to highlight some of the creative and sometimes upcoming minds of the outdoors.  Many of these we would like to be small, local midwest outdoor companies.  We hope to also incorporate some online companies as well.  If you feel like this is you, let us know.

Travel is a large part of adventure and being outdoors.  We always stress that you can find awesome places right in your backyard, but traveling is one of my favorite things to do.  It could be a new trail to shred or a place to fish.  Regardless, we want to travel more in 2016 and document our ventures to share with you.

Pictures are worth a 100o words.  In everything we do, we are going to make it a point to take and display more pictures.  Look forward to more pictures with our posts and don’t forget to check out our Instagram feed to see even more pictures from all out our outdoor experiences.

Get out and hit the trails.
Look for a stunning view.
Hit the road and see where it takes you.
Watch a sunset.
Look for color.

Not too long ago, I wrote about some of my favorite blogs.  The fact that I constantly read blogs is one of the largest reasons that I wanted to create Grindstone Sabbatical.  Blogs have been an huge part of my outdoor education.  There is so much that you can learn from them and their is endless entertainment if you find the right blogs.  We intend to continue to highlight awesome blogs as we find them and frequent them.  We will be searching all the time for new features to put on our blog and websites page.  If you have any favorites, please let us know what they are so we can check them out too.

These goals aren’t just about Phil and I.  We want them to be about you, the reader.  We ultimately created Grindstone Sabbatical for you.  We want to produce content that is relevant and intriguing.  If you are an outdoorsman or outdoors woman and there are topics that you want to see addressed, PLEASE contact us(grindstonesabbatical@gmail.com).  You can also always leave a comment when you visit our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts.  Be creative in your requests.  They can be as focused or broad as you would like.  Remember, Grindstone Sabbatical is about the outdoors and exploring new things.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Grahm and Phil

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