25 Days of Christmas: Days 22-25


For the final days of the 25 Days of Christmas, we are going to give our last gift idea. This is a large gift and it also represents the theme of the final days of Christmas. We at Grindstone Sabbatical express a large emphasis on family. This is a time to spend the holidays with those that are important to us. Just like the holidays, we also want everyone to share the outdoors with the people that are important to them. For our final gift idea, I want to share a gift that we received. In earlier posts, I expressed the importance of the outdoors and my excitement to share them soon my infant son. I want to introduce him to the outdoors and the things that we love at an early age. To help with this, we are going to use our new Deuter kid carrier. This is going to be a go to piece of equipment for our future adventures. Some slow down once they have kids. I am more excited than ever to venture outside. Look back soon for a gear review.

Enjoy your family and be safe. Merry Christmas and God bless.

Grahm and Phil

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