25 Days of Christmas: Days 19-21

Winter is here and it is time for tying flies.  Many of us tie or have friends or family that ties.  Here are a couple of basic gift ideas that any tier would be happy to receive.  These would be great in a single gift as a group, and they would work really well as individual stocking stuffers.  Now, the unique thing about the following gifts is that they are not ordinary fly tying tools.  All of these things will be found in places that look nothing like a fly shop. They are also items that I frequently use at the tying desk.

Metal Office Clip

Anytime you are tying with fibers like marabou can be an absolute train wreck.  As soon as you peel the individual fibers off, they tend to get everywhere except where they were intended to go.  To remedy this situation, metal office clips make it easy to keep these clusters of adventurous fibers in one place.  I always keep a handful of these lying around for just such an occasion.  They can be found at most stores in the office supply section.


Fiskars Fingertip Detail Knife

This is a great tool to have at your tying desk if you ever work with foam.  Cutting foam sheets can be daunting.  Making precision cuts for small attractors or  terrestrials like chernobyl ant are done with ease when using the Fishers Fingertip Detail Knife.  You can find them at almost any craft or fabric store.


Magnivision Gideon Folding Reading Glasses

This is something that many of you will see and say, “I don’t need those,” or “they can see just fine.”  I have nearly perfect vision, and I find them a must when tying the tiniest of flies.  Any time that I am going to tie for a extended period of time or when working on size 22 midge patterns, I always where reading glasses.  These are nice because they are fold up and come with a hard case to store them in.  This handy feature makes it possible to also throw them in your pocket or pack to take out on the water.  These are found in most pharmacies and stores that carry reading glasses.

Pick up all of these items for the stocking for your favorite tyer.

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