25 Days of Christmas: Day 15


What do you get for those that have absolutely everything.  We all have that person that we rack our brains to figure out a gift that they would appreciate and enjoy.  If that person happens to be a advocate of the outdoors, then we have the perfect idea for you.  If a person already has everything, then they don’t need anything else.  With that said…instead of giving to them, give for them.  Donate to a charity, and make the donation in their name.  This is something that everyone feels good about and is needed in so many places.  We have included a handful of perfect examples.  The charity does not have to be based upon the outdoors, but of course, our examples are all about the outdoors.  That is what we love, why not take care of it.  Christmas is the giving season.  This is a way for everyone to keep on giving.

The following organizations are just examples but would be perfect to promote the cause.

American Rivers

The Arbor Day Foundation

Trout Unlimited

1% for the Planet

Pick one, put it in their name, an help make a difference.  You don’t have to support one of the organizations above, but we highly approve of all of them.  There are many great organizations doing wonderful things.  Find one that supports what you want to do.

Happy giving,

Grahm and Phil


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