Just because you are reading this on a blog, check out our pics on Instagram, follow our latest tweets, or wait for the newest post on our Facebook; does not mean that you should always be connected.  We, at Grindstone Sabbatical, strive to promote getting outside and unplugging from everything else as we know it.  It is vital for your mental health to get out into the great outdoors and reboot.

When I was a kid we didn’t have gaming systems, tv’s the size of a small walls, and cell phones that had endless possibilities.  Email was brand new and a floppy disks were actually floppy.  Technology has changed the world as we know it.  We rely on it for everything from shopping to carrying on a basic conversation.  Face to face conversation is something of the past.  We all need to go back to the basics.  GPS is a very convenient and wonderful thing, but what happened to good old fashioned maps?  What happens when your GPS runs out of batteries?  Now there are games like Pokemon Go, that implies that it was partially designed to get people out and moving.  Why do we need a game on our phone to get outside?  Does that even make sense?
So what do we do you may ask?  First, turn everything off.  Instead of relying on electronics for entertainment,  pick something outside that you enjoy.  Go take a walk,  play frisbee with your dog,  take your kids to the park.  The possibilities are endless.  Be creative and innovative to come up with ideas to keep yourself, family, and/or friends enjoying fresh are and movement outside.

I am not going to dive into specifics, but there is a lot of research about getting our youth outside.  There are tremendous benefits.  The lack of exposure to nature and the outside world with our youth is fueling the downward spiral of the world as we know it.  If we don’t change,  there will continue to have negative effects.

As for me, a new father, I try to get my son out as much as possible.  We take daily walks through the neighborhood, try to fish once or twice a week, and anything else I can come up with.  Even at a year old,  I can tell that my son loves being outside.  He is intrigued by so much on our little adventures.  Even the smallest little adventure can do a great deal of good.



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