25 Days of Christmas: Day 11


YETI is all the craze right now.  Yes, it is expensive; and it might be difficult to convince the wife to buy a $200-$400 cooler; but Yeti also makes products other than coolers that are equally good quality.  In an earlier post, I highlighted the Yeti Lowball.  Although the Lowball is my favorite from the Yeti Rambler Series, I think that the entire series is worth talking about in regards to gift ideas.  The Rambler Series includes three high quality pieces of drinkware.  The original two include the Rambler Tumblers that comes in a 20 and 30 ounce tumblers.  My wife and I have had the 30 ounce tumblers for some time now.  Using the same double walled stainless design, Yeti then came out with the Lowball (see other post here).  Equal in quality, we highly recommend the Yeti Rambler Series.  Anything you put in them will stay your desired temperature for much longer than you average drinkware.  I use both the the tumbler and lowball all day long.  Start your day off with coffee or tea, drink ice cold water all day long to stay hydrated, and then finish up after a long day on the water or at work with a cocktail or beer.  Yeti’s Rambler Series would make anyone a great gift.


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