25 Days of Christmas: Day 8

Want your lady to join you on the water?  If this is something that you have been dreaming of or working on her to do, then you have to make it an easy decision.  First and foremost, she needs to be comfortable.  Regardless if you are wading in the summer or for winter steelhead, comfort is of the utmost importance.  There are quite a few companies out there that make waders for women, but few could even compete with the Orvis Women’s Silver Sonic Waders.  These particular waders exhibit such great comfort due to the sizing options.  It doesn’t matter how tall, short, or what body type a woman has, there are a pair of waders that will fit her perfectly.

I have a pair of these in the men’s version, and my wife has the women’s.  We both couldn’t be happier with our waders.  The convertible feature is one that I absolutely love.  In the summer, you can push the waders down to turn them into hip waders which is perfect for the warm summer evenings dry fly fishing on your local tailwater.  This will make it your lady even closer to spending the day with you on the water.

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