25 Days of Christmas: Day 2


For our second gift idea, we are going to highlight something else that is geared towards fishermen or fisherwomen, and it is the gift that keeps giving.  I promise we will soon include some non fishing related gear and media.

Drake Mag Logo

Drake Magazine is one publication that I definitely wouldn’t want to go without.  Fisherman or not, this is a publication that anyone that enjoys well written pieces can appreciate.  Not only can you find some impeccable writing, there are also some amazing photography throughout the entire magazine.  This quarterly publication is one of those that you look forward to.  I find myself anticipating the newest issue, and I get excited to go check the mail.  The stories that read are like non other.  To me, this magazine focus less on things like technique and gear reviews, and drives more of the passion for fly fishing.  It makes it extremely difficult to put it down.  I can sit down a read from cover to cover.  This is the perfect gift if you are looking for a stocking stuffer or friends and family that aren’t close to home.  Its a gift that comes four times a year.  You can’t beat it.  Order a subscription as a gift or pick one up at your local fly shop.


Grahm and Phil

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