Simple Flies


Sometimes the simplest fly is the way to go. Although it is a blast to tie a fly that is intriquite and full of detail, and you get a great feeling of satisfaction from producing such a good looking fly. Some of us want those really buggy flies that could look like a number of things, while others want the fly to be a perfect match to the hatch.

Late winter, early spring, I was struggling on the water. This particular winter had not been really good to me. Not a lot of fish got to the net. The water was crystal clear and I could see fish all around me. Some were even rising.  What was going on?

I had changed leaders and tippet; swung streamers and soft hackles; drifted dries; and even tried nymphing with everything I could think of. Normally, I am a patient person, but today frustration was overtaking me.I know that the trout in the Brookville Tailwaters can be super finicky, but it usually isn’t this hard to trick one into taking the fly.

There was one final fly that I had not tried yet. This particular fly was one that an old fisherman that I had talked to showed me. At first I didn’t believe that it would work as well as he explained, especially with these picky eaters.

I tied on the thread midge. By far the easiest fly to tie, it only take two materials…thread and a hook. I use a size 22 hook of any kind and just wrap tan thread on it. Believe or not…that its!

After trying so many thing that day, this was the ticket. Within 45 min, I landed eight fish. More than that got away. It was a great ending to the day, and now I know that I can always just simplify things. There have been multiple times on the water since then that I have done well on the Ole thread midge.  Who would have thought?





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