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In one of my first blog posts, I mentioned the fact that blogs have been an important part of my outdoor life.  I have gained so much from reading a multitude of blogs.  One of the goals I have for this blog is to offer the education and entertainment that I have gained from reading other’s blogs.  I also plan to highlight blogs that focus on the outdoor community.  The following 5 blogs are going to be the first ones highlighted.  I you already read any of these awesome blogs, great, if not…enjoy!

The Fiberglass Manifesto


The Fiberglass Manifesto (TFM) was one of the first blogs that started reading.  Cameron Mortenson, the author of the TFM, has done a spectacular job.  TFM is pretty self explanatory.  Mortenson is a dedicated advocate for fiberglass fly rods.  I would venture to say that there is nobody that knows fiberglass like him.  In his blog, Mortenson highlights custom fiberglass rod builders, rod companies that produce fiberglass rods, completes gear reviews on a wide variety of fly fishing gear, documents fishing trips, showcases new fly fishing media, and much more.

TFM also has a great online storefront and a fiberglass rod loan program.  The TFM Loan program allows you to get your hands on fiberglass rods from many rod companies and builders.  Check out the Loan Program here:

TFM Loan Program

TFM storefront has well known gear and merchandise bearing the TFM logo.  The following are the items that can be bought on the website:

  • patches and decals
  • TFM koozies
  • TFM mason jar koozie made by Vedavoo
  • Eagle claw Featherlight Rods
  • Abel nippers, hemostats, and retro reel
  • squat fly wheel
  • TFM Yeti Cooler

Gink and Gasoline


Gink and Gasoline is a blog that covers an enormous amount of topics in the fly fishing world.  Authors, Kent Klewein and Louis Cahill, write about fishing in places ranging from small mountain streams for brook trout to saltwater flats in Key West for bonefish.  They cover topics such as fly flying, gear reviews, tenkara, steelhead fishing, and much more.  Trips are also offered to destinations for you to fish with the guys behind Gink and Gasoline.

Outsmarting Fish


Outsmarting Fish (OSF), created by Nathan Leavitt, is based out of Utah.  Leavitt is not the only one contributing to Outsmarting Fish.  Derek Olthuis, raised in Montana and works as a fishing guide, and Phil Tuttle, a fisheries biologist and Loop Global Team pro staffer, helps out with sharing experiences and knowledge of the fly fishing world.  On OSF, you will find impressive styles of writing on such things of trout, entomology, and gear reviews.  Check this blog out because you will definitely find some entertaining reads.

Wildroots Outdoors


Wildroots is not just a blog about fly fishing.  It is something so much more.  This is a newer blog to my reading list since the creator of Outsmarting Fish, Nathan Leavitt, created it this summer to go a different route from his other great blog.  From what I understand, Leavitt and his friend Michael Schneider, started this blog to document a family road trip.  The original idea was for a guy trip, but as I understand now, family is very important too.  Leavitt and Schneider, with their wives, blog about their experiences and trips doing things outdoors with their family.  I really like the beginnings of this blog because it really hits home for me, and I expect it to home with you as well.  Happy reading.

Fly Fish Food


The final blog that I am going to highlight is another one of my favorites.  This is very different from any of the others that I have highlighted in this post.  Fly Fish Food (FFF) is a unique blog created by Clark (Cheech) Pierce and Curtis Fry.  Cheech and Fry write about fly tying.  The majority of this blog is completely designated to teaching how to tie some of the newest and sickest patterns around.  This blog is a one stop shop, because not only can you find material lists and a detailed video of how to make each fly, there is also a store that you can buy every last piece of material that you will need to tie anything found on the blog.  You can also find a few gear reviews (generally geared towards fly tying) and fly fishing articles too.

To buy materials visit the Fly Fish Food Store.

I really hope you enjoyed this post.  These are just a few of the blogs that I read on a normal bases.  There are more that I look at and plan to highlight in later posts.  Thanks again.


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