Tenkara…the rise


For a long time, I have been wanting to try a tenkara rod.  Tenkara is an old Japanese method of fishing that just uses a long rod, line, and a fly.  Everyone that I have talked to have raved about it, and said that I would be addicted right away.  This summer, I finally made the plunge and bought two rods from Tenkara Rod Co.  My intentions were to only by one of their four different rods.  I was having so much difficulty choosing that I decided to started out with their shortest rod and their longest rod.  I figured that with both rods, it should cover most scenarios that I will encounter.

I bought the 8′ Cascade rod and the 13′ Owyhee.  I have not had the rods for very long, but I can tell you, I have had an absolute blast with them.  I took the Cascade rod to the smokies to fish for brook trout, and the length and action was perfect for small mountain streams.  The Owyhee, the largest of the rods at 13′, has been great on farm ponds and the local tailwater.

It doesn’t matter if you are a very competent fly fisher or someone that is interested in getting into fly fishing, I would recommend any of their rods.  For a person that is a novice or wanting to get started, you can’t find a simpler way to learn.  It is super easy to learn to cast, you don’t have to manage your fly line, and you can instantly achieve a perfect drift with dry flies.  On our trip to the smokies, my wife tried the Cascade rod out and she loved how easy it was to cast and land fish.  She caught her first trout on that trip, and I will be getting her very own tenkara rod.

The best part about these rod is how simple everything is.  All you need is the rod, line, and a fly.  It doesn’t get any simpler than that.  Both rods are telescopic and break down to next to nothing.  They can be easily thrown into a pack to take on a hike, and they take up no room in your vehicle for that moment when you get a chance to fish.


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