Summer Tying

So many people have a timeline throughout the year to determine what they will be doing whether it be tying flies, waiting for a brown to sip a size 22 trico spinner, or swinging big streamers for steelhead.  For many, the winter months involve spending a lot of time at the tying bench and fewer days on the water.  For me, I would say this is true.  I spend majority of my tying time in the cold months of the year, and I don’t fish as much as I do the rest of the year.  This time of year is good fishing, despite what many might thing, but I seem to be busy with some many other things at this time.

Despite that normality of completing most of you tying during the winter months, this summer has thrown a different twist from what I am accustomed to.  Typically, in the middle of July, I would expect to be casting to football shaped smallmouth or drifting dries for sipping trout.  Unfortunately for me, I am not doing either of those things right now.  Due to the monsoon season that the midwest is experiencing, all the waterways that I love to spend my summers on are completely blown out.  Even the local tailwater that is controlled by the Army Corp of Engineers, has only been low enough to fish only a handful of times in the past few months.

In desperate times like this, what is a person to do?  I have found a few different things to occupy my time that would be normally spent fishing.  First or foremost, I have started this blog.  It takes more time than I expected to start but totally worth it.  Second, I use the time to do things like fly tying, making leaders, practicing knots, and reading about fishing.

Most of last winter, I spent a lot of time tying midges and nymphs for catching trout in the local tailwater.  I really neglected the flies that I would need for smallmouth bass (one of my favorite fish to catch), panfish, and carp.  With all of the rain here in the midwest, I have been unable to fish, but I have been able to fill my fly boxes.

Happy tying,


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