Happy Birthday To Me

Brookie stream where my wife caught her first trout.
Brook Trout Stream

Not too long ago I turned 30 years old, and to my surprise, my amazing wife took me on a trip that was totally unexpected.  Keep in my, at the time, she was six month pregnant.  The week before my birthday, we were talking about taking a trip, and I was expressing my desire to go up into the mountains to catch a brook trout.  Now this would not be an ideal trip for her, but I further explained that brook trout are on the top of my list to fish for, that they are, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful fish, and that we could test out the brand new tenkara rods that I had just received from Tenkara Rod Co.  Like I said, with all this conversation, I still did not expect to be going.

Fast forward…after celebrating my birthday with family and my wife surprising me, we were on our way to Tennessee.   She had already found some areas in the Great Smoky Mountain Nation Park that held brook trout and was close in proximity to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.  Being one of her favorite places to visit growing up, this was going to be a win for both of us.

On our way down there, i was thinking how we were going to find fish.  One of the current issues that I have read a lot about lately, is the importance of hiring a guide.  Although I do completely agree with the importance of getting a guide, there are numerous benefits of having a guide, I still greatly enjoy the do-it-yourself ventures. We visited the local Orvis Fly Shop, located in Sevierville, TN, where we received a lot of great help and service.  I think that supporting local fly shops, even if it is a company as large as Orvis, is important.  I bought some flies, got a map, and picked up the latest summer issue of the Drake.

My wife, being a trooper, and I spent the majority of four days up on the small mountain streams chasing brook trout.  We took turn casting size 14 dry flies on an eight foot Cascade rod from Tenkara Rod Co to small, vibrant brook trout.  Both of us caught fish and had an spectacular time.  Between the breath taking views and the excitement of catching fish, I could not have asked for a better time.  It was extremely rewarding to take little knowledge of the area, discover some beautiful mountain streams, and watching my wife catch her first trout.



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